Our Fruit

Our aim is to deliver high-quality freshly picked fruit direct to your doorstep anywhere in New Zealand.

Please note: If there are insufficient of your chosen variety available, the appropriate substitute will be sent at our discretion. Orchard Fresh reserves the right to restrict sales should orders exceed supply.

Variety Estimated Date Description
Chelan 13th - 20th December The first of our delicious Cherries available. Chelan is an exciting new hard, crisp variety that is rich in flavour with a mahogany coloured skin. A must have pre-Christmas cherry.
Dawson 20th - 27th December Dawson is the traditional juicy dark Christmas cherry. Sweet and crunchy encased in a rich black skin. Great Christmas eating.
Sonnet 28th December - 3rd January A larger heart shaped cherry that is crunchy and juicy. Great eating.
Bing 28th December - 3rd January Sweet dark red cherry that is crisp, juicy and full of flavour. Dip them in melted chocolate for a New Year treat!
Stella 3rd - 10th January Very similar to the Bing cherries. Red crunchy cherry that is large, sweet and absolutely delicious.
Selah 5th - 12th January Selah are a large, dark red, firm cherry that is sweet and juicy.
Lapin 10th - 17th January Large, crisp, sweet and juicy cherries that are mahogany in colour. Lapin cherries are a taste sensation. A firm favourite with all who tries them.
Sweetheart 17th - 24th January Large and sweet. An exceptionally crunchy bright red cherry with a delicate flavour. Share this heart shaped cherry with someone special!
Staccato 24th January - 31st January A late season cherry. Sweet and Large. Staccato will tantalise your taste buds.
Sentennial 31st January - 7th February A delicious new variety. Sentennial is a large and flavorsome heart shaped cherry that is firm, crunchy and sweet. This cherry is the last of the season. A must try!
Greengages 10th - 20th February These delicious plums have an amber green flesh that is tender and bursting with sweet juices when they are ripe. They are great for jam making, preserving, relishes etc. Lovely eating plum.